clinic information

Your first consultation will last for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. A full and thorough case history will be taken; this will include details of not only the presenting complaint, but any previous history of problems or injuries.

Full medical details are important as it is vital to exclude other potential causes of your complaint, to recognise when treatment may not be indicated, or identify early signs of other conditions.

A physical examination will follow the case history; the extent of this will depend on the problem. This usually requires the removal of enough clothing to make a full and proper assessment of the problem area and related areas, and will include an assessment of mobility, posture and an examination of joints and muscles. Other more specific orthopaedic or neurological tests may be performed if necessary.

Following the examination an explanation of the findings will be given including a prognosis and what should be expected in the short and long term.

Most patients will receive treatment at the first consultation. However, there can be circumstances when this is not appropriate.

It might be necessary at some stage to liaise with your GP depending on findings from the history and examination. This will be discussed with you at the time. Occasionally it might be necessary to arrange for X-rays, scans or other clinical investigations.

Patients may be referred by their GP, although this is not necessary. Most patients are recommended by other patients or referred by other healthcare practitioners.

The clinic is recognised by all major health insurance companies, most of whom cover osteopathic treatment. You will need to contact your provider before commencing treatment to obtain appropriate authorisation. Please mention that you will be claiming through health insurance when making your appointment. All patients are responsible for any unpaid fees.

opening hours:
Monday 08:15 to 18:30
Tuesday 08:15 to 18:30
Wednesday 08:15 to 18:30
Thursday 08:15 to 18:30
Friday 08:15 to 18:30
Saturday by special arrangement

Appointments may be able to be made outside these hours by special arrangement.

consultation fee: £50